Wednesday, May 11, 2011

✈Worldwide Wednesdays: Unique Hotels - Sand Hotel, UK

Where shall we travel to today?....


Do you remember the post I did a few weeks back about hotels made from ice?   Well, I've recently discovered there's a hotel made from sand also!!

The world's first sand castle hotel was opened in 2008 at Weymouth beach in the seaside town of Dorset in the UK.   It took 1,000 tonnes of sand and a team of four sculptors working 14 hours a day for seven days to build the structure on Weymouth beach.  The hotel was built over 50 ft. (15sqm) reaching a height of over 13 ft. (4m).

British sculptor Mark Anderson was commissioned by to create the hotel to celebrate a resurgence of holidaymakers flocking to the seaside.
For a cheap 21USD a night guests can enjoy sleeping on a sand bed, bask in the summer sun and listen to the tide.

Ok people, it sounds exciting and I'm usually up for anything exciting and out-of-the-ordinary but just a few questions since I'm naturally curious:

  1. Where's the toilet?
  2. Where's the roof?
  3. Do you still get sand up your ass and other parts while you sleep.. or at any time for that matter?
Well, the answer to the last question - yes, EVERYWHERE! and as for the others - let's just say you'll feel like you're camping out and just go with the flow.  Anyways, at least you can gaze at the night stars before passing out, that is, if you don't get washed away by rain first...pretty cool.  What will they think of next?



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  2. Theres no toilet xD there also doesn't seem to be a roof and I think it should be inconfortable sleeping on sand, if its already inconfortable when you get sand on your swimsuit then imagine sleeping on sand... Thats probably the reason for why its only $20 per night :P


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