Wednesday, May 6, 2015

✍ FYI: How Old Do I Look?

It’s something we’ve all pondered to ourselves at one time or another in our lives  – how old do we look. Or at the very least, how old do OTHERS think we look. Well ponder no more because there’s an app that can answer that. Well kind of.

There’s an app by Microsoft, that is trying to reveal exactly how old a person is based on their image.
The website, called  How old do I look, not only tells if you’re male or female, but but how old you look. It also allows you to do the same with any image found on Bing, Microsoft’s search engine such as celebrities, who have all the tools at their disposal for looking young.
For some it could be a good thing:


Madonna is actually 56-years-old!
while for others, maybe not:

Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe is actually 25 years old.


Obama’s real age is 53.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is shown here older than Madonna! Swift’s real age is 25!

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, is actually 33.
But it all depends on the photo.

The app, created to show off the capabilities of its cloud server software, Azure, took only a couple of developers just a day to put the whole thing together, according to their blog.
‘We wanted to create an experience that was intelligent and fun could capture the attention of people globally, so we looked at the APIs available in the Azure Machine Learning Gallery,’ it said.
They further claimed, “Within hours, over 210,000 images had been submitted and we had 35000 users from all over the world (about 29k of them from Turkey, as it turned out – apparently there were a bunch of tweets from Turkey mentioning this page).”

The system works by analysing 27 points on the face.
Called face landmarks, they are a series of specifically detailed points on a face; typically points of face components like the pupils, canthus or nose.
‘These attributes are predicted by using statistical algorithms and may not always be 100% precise.
The app can also detect family/group photos:

Or detect nothing at all:

But either way, it sure makes for some good fun and laughs.
And as they describe, while the API is reasonably good at locating the faces and identifying gender it isn’t particularly accurate with age, (as we’ve shown above. Check out Obama again in another image. Now he’s younger than his actual age.)

And David Beckham‘s real age is 40!

And since everyone’s been asking their site about what happens to their photos – no, they don’t store them. They don’t share photos and only use them to guess your age and gender. The photos are discarded from memory once they guess. While they use the terms of service very common in their industry, and similar to most other online services, they have chosen not to store or use the photos in any way other than to temporarily process them to guess your age.
So what are you waiting for? We know you want to!

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