Monday, August 22, 2011

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Renaming and Re-Organizing Multiple Images At Once in Windows 7


Are your image folders a disorganized mess like mine that you are afraid to open it sometimes knowing that finding a certain pic is almost next to impossible?  How about a trick on how to re-organize them better so they are at least in order, numerically - doing this all at once without actually renaming each pic! 

For as long as people have had cameras, they've stored photographs in shoeboxes and stuffed them in the closet. These days, shoeboxes have been replaced by computers, which provide an opportunity to organize your pictures so that they're always easy to find and ready to use.

Say goodbye to obscure file names

For all of its virtues, your digital camera isn't smart enough to give your pictures file names that are likely to be meaningful to you. That means your pictures arrive on your computer with names like DSC00234.JPG and P0000234.JPG. It's time-consuming and tedious to rename each picture on your computer. If you want to eliminate all of those meaningless file names, there's a better solution.

Name multiple pictures at once

Using the same word or phrase, you can rename an entire group of pictures at once. Here's how:

First select the folder you wish to rename.

For example:

I have a folder called 'ships'.  Each pic/file within the folder has a different name:

Next, hold down the CTRL key, and then left-click the pictures that you want to rename:

Now, right-click on ONE of the pics, then click RENAME:

In the Info pane, type the new name for that group of pictures in the name box.  In my case, I wanted to name them all 'boat'.

Hit ENTER () and that's it! 

Each picture will be given the new name with a different sequential number, like this:
boat(1), boat(2), boat(3), and so on.

This trick can be used to rename multiple Files like Images of a particular occasion, files of particular genre etc.


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