Tuesday, August 23, 2011

✍ FYI: Account Killer

For Your Information...
The easier way of deleting your account(s).

Want to ditch your online account? Shouldn't be a problem, right? Unfortunately, on many websites, including popular ones like Facebook, deleting your account can be a real pain.

AccountKiller collects direct links and deleting instructions to make account termination easy. Websites like Skype that do not allow deleting your profile in an easy way at all get blacklisted. Luckily there are websites that do care about your online privacy.

So what do the (site, list) colours indicate? (white, grey, black)
On a white-listed site, it should be easy to automatically delete your account. Perhaps with a couple of clicks, using a deletion link.

A black-listed site indicates it's probably impossible or highly difficult to get rid of your account. In some cases we hand you an email address so you can contact the site anyway. Otherwise, you may visit the site and search for contact information, and ask them for account removal.

Finally, the grey-listed sites are somewhere inbetween. It may cost your some irritation or effort - but it should be possible to terminate your account. This is the case when you need to send a mail to the site, send a message using a webform or even ring them.

At least if anything, this site will be able to show you what accounts will be hard to delete BEFORE signing up to one!  Check it out!

Source:  MFS-UsefulLinks

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