Wednesday, June 1, 2011

✈Worldwide Wednesdays: Unusual Monument - The Flygbussarna, SWEDEN

Where shall we travel to today?....


Flygbussarna, SWEDEN

Flygbussarna provide an airport bus service between many airports in and around cities in Sweden.

In 2009 Acne, a Swedish advertising company, built a coach bus using 50 wrecked cars. The construction resembling a real Flygbussarna coach bus was meant to encourage drivers to take the bus instead of driving their own cars, which would lead to less CO2 emissions.

The sculpture currently sits on the side of the main road leading into the Stockholm airport. It was built using only wrecked passengers cars. An interactive website that was launched at the same time that the bus was being constructed displayed a live feed of the sculpture as well as calculators to show commuters how much carbon they could save if they would just switch to public transportation.

Now that's an unusual monument with a great message behind it!

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