Monday, May 16, 2011

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Moving the Taskbar in Windows 7

Moving the Task Bar in Windows 7

Ok, so I was playing around the other day trying to move things around on my taskbar and
lo and behold, I'd discovered that not only can I move things around on the task bar but I can actually move the task bar itself!!   I must have somehow 'unlock' the task bar and while moving things around I unintentionally started dragging it.  So I dragged it to the right and left and to the top and each time it stayed there!  I was so excited that I had to post if for my next PC Tips and Tricks!

Moving the Task Bar
In order to move the task bar from its current position (which more than likely for some of you is probably on the bottom), you first have to 'unlock' the task bar as shown below by unchecking the Lock the taskbar:

Next, just click on a blank spot on the taskbar and just drag it to where you want, release and presto!  Now you can go from this:

To this:

or this:

or this:

Pretty neat huh?  Now you will just have to get used to using it in your new spot, even though I've read on many forums that a lot of users are happy with it to the left, while the majority like it on top... interesting.

Oh! One more thing.  Whichever position you finally choose, don't forget to lock it in the by re-checking that check mark beside the Lock the taskbar command.

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