Tuesday, May 17, 2011

✍ FYI: Create Instant Web Pages with AXESS!

For Your Information...
Create Instant Web Pages with AXESS.im
Many posts ago I FYI'd a website called disposablewebpage.com where the site does just that - let's you create a webpage for weddings, parties etc. and then disposes of it within 90 days or so.

Well that's all great when you want to create something quickly and easily for a limited-time only, but what if you don't want to dispose of the page yet still be able to create a website quickly and easily?  Well Axess.im is the site for you.

When you go to the website you are given an editing platform that supports special text formatting, images and videos, line indentations and hyperlinks. After naming your webpage and adding content to it you can click on the “Save changes” tab and then on the “View page” tab to be taken to your newly created mini website. You can 'hide' the page from search engines or even control access to your newly created website by password protecting it!

The best part about axess - You can get a webpage up and running without any registration!

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