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✈Worldwide Wednesdays: The Hang Nga Guesthouse, VIETNAM

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The Hang Nga Guesthouse, VIETNAM  A guest house which could be labelled as one of the world's wildest....

Hang Nga Guesthouse
Pic by Wiki user Kelisi
 Known as the "Crazy House,"  the weird and wonderful five-storey Hang Nga Guesthouse in the hillside town of Da Lat, Vietnam, resembles a giant banyan tree on the outside, and inside is modelled on twisting organic forms such as mushrooms, caves and spider webs.  Rooms are connected by a maze of bridges, ladders and tunnel-like hallways.  Each of the 10 guest rooms has its own animal theme, such as a tiger, eagle or kangaroo, and the handcrafted furniture and fixtures are just as fantastical as the building itself.  Guests draw parallels to the works of Antoni Gaudi, Lewis Carroll, Walt Disney and Salvador Dali. 

The architect, Dang viet Nga, is the daughter of a former president of Vietnam, which may have given her license to build a structure unlike any other in the country.

Rather than using standard architectural plans as blueprints, Nga produces paintings, and hires non-professional local craftsmen to transform these into structural elements. 

To help alleviate the financial burden associated with what was essentially a personal project—having accumulated upwards of VND 30 million in debt—Nga expanded the building into a guesthouse, and opened the house to paid visits by tourists in late 1990.

So if you're not brave enough to stay there, the guest house is also open to non-guests for tours during the daytime!

Source:   Wikipedia, Various Magazines

The Tiger Room

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