Wednesday, February 9, 2011

✈Worldwide Wednesdays: Hanging Coffins in Sagada

Where shall we travel to today?....

Hanging Coffins in Sagada, PHILIPPINES

Aside from beaches the Philippines also has other wonderful natural tourist destinations that one can enjoy. One of those places is called Sagada. Sagada is a breathtaking place located way up North Luzon in the Philippines. People who are looking for a peace of mind or would want to meditate or have a spiritual experience go to Sagada. This is because this place is very far from civilization.

Sagada couldn’t get more mystifying without the elements of the mummies. When you go to Sagada caves there are hanging coffins to be found on the cliffs made of limestone.

The people of Sagada follow a unique burial ritual. The elderly carve their own coffins out of hollowed logs. If they are too weak or ill, their families prepare their coffins instead. The dead are placed inside their coffins (sometimes breaking their bones in the process of fitting them in), and the coffins are brought to a cave for burial.

After the deceased are put inside these coffins they are then brought to caves high in the cliffs where they join the coffins of other ancestors. The Segada people prefer to be buried in the cliffs than to be buried in the ground and have been doing this for more than 2,000 years.

Many of the locations of the coffins are difficult to reach (and obviously should be left alone out of respect) but can be appreciated from afar.


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