Monday, October 11, 2010

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: More Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows Vista and XP)

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Vista and XP!

Ok, so you are always using your keyboard and mouse, but what will you do if you were left without a mouse... or a trackball.. or a touch pad... or whatever - what will you do then?

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts for for Windows Vista and XP, that I hope you will find useful - especially at THAT time of need!!

Windows Key+MThis is the shortcut to keep in mind when you are at work doing anything but working—it allows you to minimize all of your open windows, leaving just the desktop left exposed. To restore the windows, hit Windows key+Shift+M. Another quick way to do this is Windows key+D, which shows your desktop; to restore, just repeat the same keystroke. This is a handy shortcut to have around the next time your boss is wandering through the office.

This allows you to easily scroll through all the windows you have open. If you're working in Word and ref
erring to something in Explorer, for example, you can toggle back and forth between the two programs. You can also use this to switch between windows in the same program, making multitasking a breeze. Very similar is Windows key+Tab: In XP, it lets you scroll the items on the taskbar, and in Vista, it starts Flip 3D for a fun graphical spin on the same idea.

This shortcut is a quick way to close a window in any program. Alt+Spacebar+C (which requires less stretching, but more keys) and Ctrl+W do the same thing. Any of the ways will allow you to close a window without using your mouse to hit the X in the upper-right corner.

Ctrl+Arrow Keys

In Microsoft Word, the left and right arrows allow you to move the cursor to the beginning of the previous word or the next word; the up and down arrows will do the same with paragraphs.  This is very helpful when editing a document or scanning for any reason.


If you want to delete a file—and you don't want to deal with it later in the Recycle Bin—this is the way to go. Just be absolutely sure that this is a file you won't want back!

Hold Shift While Inserting a CD

Have you ever wanted to insert a CD and not use it right away? This shortcut allows you to bypass Autorun when inserting a CD so you can control exactly when you will use a CD you've inserted.

This Week's HTML Goodie: Pop-up WELCOME or WARNING Message!

HTML Code: 


  1. Where did you place the script?
    On my blog It kept popping up every few seconds by itself!
    How do I add a new line ?
    Gan I play with the fonts ?

    Is will on his way to Europe ?

  2. Hi Alex!
    Wow, those are some darn good questions!
    I never thought about all that - just made something quickly for this post!

    Anyways, I inserted the code in this same blog that I posted. I would assume when this post is eventually off the page - it will stop popping-up, lol. (I have 10 posts per page). Besides, it can get pretty annoying after awhile...

    To add a new line just add this exactly how you see it: " + '\n' + " immediately after where your old line ends and the new one begins. (I've already changed it in the code above for you.)

    Font color - that I'll have to do some research on. This is just a short javascript code - not a full one with detailed attributes - where you can change background color, font color, font-size etc., so I'll have to get back to you on that.
    I've done it before creating a separate page with my own background color and font then linking the pop-up window to it, but that's using a website - not a blog, so I'll have to find or create a code with all this!(Hopefully someone else will read this and help!)

    Yes - his mom is not well....

  3. Thanks Kath,

    I asked just out of curiosity ! My A&J Blog is 'loaded' with JS and it takes my blog 38 sec to upload fully any how. Some of the scripts are conflicting and may crush under Firefox. JS is fun, but must be used moderately !
    It is extremely dangerous from a security point of view! Believe me, I know what I'm talking about!...

    I'm sad to hear about Will's Mom. I'm not going to bother him with my nonsense for the time being ! I'll let him dictate the rate of our correspondence.
    Any how, I know where YOU live . . .


    My "Secure e-mail":-

  4. Thanks Alex!

    And yes, you are totally correct - too much is not a good thing! Moderation is the key! It's starting to slow down my blog also so I recommend substituting one for another every other week or so instead of adding more and more.
    Also, soon I will be giving a link to these codes instead of hosting them here.

    As for security reasons, I'm not sure what you mean there, but I trust you know best, so I will believe what you say.


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