Tuesday, October 12, 2010

✍ FYI: Uncover Any Secret On the Internet!

For Your Information...

Uncover any secret on the Internet!

1. Get the inside scoop on anyone!
Track down an old pal in minutes!

Wondering what your best friend from elementary school looks like now, or lost the phone number of a former neighbour? Not a problem! In seconds, pipl.com - a search engine that scours hidden Web pages that don't pop up on general-purpose search engines, such as Yahoo - will provide you with links to their phone numbers (even unlisted ones!), addresses and even photos!

Wink.com searches user profiles on networking sites - including linkedin.com, classmates.com and reunion.com - then lists names of possible relatives who may help you get in touch with your friend.

Run a background check!
Considering hiring a new babysitter, handyman or tutor? In addition to asking for references, get the spelling of the person's full name and date of birth.

Then, check their criminal history for free at criminal searches.com, advises private investigator Steven Kerry Brown, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Private Investigating.

2. Safeguard your health!
Get the 411 on your pills!

Avoid potential interactions between the medications, vitamins and supplements you take regularly by going to drugs.com/drug_interactions.php.

Tip:  Can't remember what one of your pills is for?  You can easily identify it by color, shape and markings at drugs.com/pill_identification.html

Sizzle off more weight on any diet!

Research shows you can double your weight loss just by adding a free iGoogle.com Calorie Counter (google.com/webmasters/igoogle/calorie.html) to it! Sounds too simple to work, but scientists at the Kaiser Prmanente Center for Health Research confirm it's true: They found that folks who keep track of the calories they consume shed twice as many pounds as those who don't make a note of them!

Make dieting even easier by..... 
finding out your optimal daily calorie goal by clicking on the iGoogle.com Calorie Counter "settings" and entering your age, weight, gender and activity level. Then, throughout the day, just click on the foods you've eaten and the numer of servings from the comprehensive list - Google adds them for you and reveals when you reach your daily limit.

Get the safest used car for your family!

If you're shopping around for a "pre-owned" car, be sure to ask the seller to show you a report from carfax.com, which provides details about past accidents, car troubles, number of owners, mileage and more! Most dealers have a subscription for unlimited reports, and many individual sellers will gladly chalk up the $30 US one-time fee to provide one.

3. Score a new job fast!
Learn about openings first!

Get a jump on the competition at indeed.com, a website that compiles the very latest job openings from thousands of websites, including job boards, newspaper classifieds and company websites. Simply enter the title of the position you want and the area where you're looking - and presto, the newest postings will appear! Bonus: You can save your searches or have new jobs that meet your requirements e-mailed to you - all for free!

Create the perfect resume!

Check out razume.com, where pros are waiting to help you create a tailored resume that'll get the attention of hiring managers and win job interviews - for free, no need to worry about extra fees!

Ask for the right compensation!

Afraid to request too little or too much when a job ad asks for your salary requirements? Get ballpark salary figures for a huge variety of positions at payscale.com and simplyhired.com/a/salary/home.

4. Enjoy fun free perks!
Preview new makeup!

Thinking about trying out fresh colors for spring or even sporting a different hairstyle? Before you plunk down good money, make sure you're going to like what you're getting by visiting beautyriot.com. After registering, simply upload your photo to the "Instant Makeover" application. Then experiment with dozens of celebrity hairstyles, as well as the latest shades of lipstick, blush, eye shadow, foundation - even contacts! Like what you see? Print out the names of the products you used so you'll know exactly what to buy!

Load up on giveaways!

It's easy to land free cosmetics, clothing, accessories and even electronics by checking out the sample and giveaway lists at coolfreebielinks.com, freefusion.net and thefreesite.com.

Stretch your mind!

No need to pay hefty tuition bills if you want to learn more about computers, writing short stories or running a small business. Get a full breakdown of the best free courses available at a variety of colleges and universities by visiting education-portal.com/articles/Universities_with_the_Best_Free_Online_Courses.html.


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