Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cure Bad Breath - the natural way

Worry about your breath sometimes? Lots of us do. In fact, more than 90 millon people suffer from chronic halitosis - even those who regularly brush and floss! Well, this four-step plan can clear the air for good - we've got the research to prove it!

1. Zap odor-causing bacteria with tea

"Coffe is notorious for giving people bad breath," says Richard H. Price, D.M.D., spokesperson for the American Dental Association. "But tea does the exact opposite." The brew contains polyphenols that make it difficult for bacteria that spew out smelly sulfur compounds to set up shop in the mouth. How much is enough? About two cups a day, reveal studies done at University of Illionois at Chicago.



  1. I have suffered with bad breath for about 9 years now. I spent a small fortune on bad breath cures. Nothing I tried seem to work even as it said it would. I read this site and think it is useful and gives me something to think about. In any case it is always helpful to just to have people writing about it. I did find this site Oraltech Labs & their advice helped me most, I’ve got a boyfriend now & he said its working, hope it helps you too. Kindest, Kathy Jones. NJ.

  2. Thanks so much Kathy for your input! I have a few friends that suffer this problem also and it prevents them from doing alot of things - so any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks again..


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