Sunday, June 27, 2010

Protest Turns to Violence In Toronto!

At least 150 no, (make that 412 according to the latest from our MFS-The Other News source), people were arrested as violence broke out after thousands of anti-G20 protesters marched through downtown Toronto on Saturday, prompting police to use tear gas in the city for the first time.

“I am profoundly disappointed in the criminal acts which have taken place,” Toronto police Chief Bill Blair told reporters.

"We have seen windows broken and police cars burned. It is very regrettable that such vandalism and violence could not be prevented....

Ok, what the hell is wrong with these people! We Canadians all know this G20 summit is a complete waste of taxpayers money and time - A COMPLETE WASTE - but there is no need for all this violence. You STUPID FOOLS, quit wrecking our beautiful city!! These assholes don't GIVE A SHIT what you do, you're making yourselves look like idots so STOP with the violence already!!!
I say to these leaders: the next time you all want to get together for one of these summits, go rent a fucking aircraft carrier and go do it there! grrrrrrrrr

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