Tuesday, November 27, 2012

✍ FYI: FrazeIt

For Your Information...
FRAZEIT - Your Phrase Source

Ever hear a phrase you didn't understand?  Or need to search for a phrase you hear in everyday language?  Welcome to FrazeIt!

FrazeIt, with more than 100 millions sentences indexed, aims to be the world's largest and most comprehensive search engine for phrases and sentences on the Internet.
Most of the sentences are coming from top daily news writers, so you get a nice way to see how words are used in everyday language by talented writers.

FrazeIt supports the languages below:

Each search result comes with a direct access to Google translate and define features as well as a context tab which displays the phrase in its original source.

Search results can be narrowed down by selecting one or more filters.
Current Filters include:

forms (interrogative,negative, exclamative)
zones (US,UK)
contexts (business,science,health,etc)
rules (starts with,ends with,etc)

Recource(s):  MFS-Useful Links 

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