Tuesday, September 18, 2012

✍ FYI: SWEARING - Telling Them OFF in Other Languages!

For Your Information...
SWEARING - Telling Them OFF in Other Languages!

Ever wanted to tell someone off in their own language?  Let's face it, it doesn't make as great an impact if you can't give it to them the way they know how.  I mean, if you want to REALLY learn a language, I always feel you need to know the bad words also.  I personally like to say Gówno! (pron. GOOVnoh), alot at work 'cause we're not allowed to swear.  So even though my Polish friends know what I'm saying... the rest of them don't.

Well, I've done some diggin' and I didn't have to dig too far since it seems there are only 2 main sites that can help you on the subject, lmao.  Let's check 'em out shall we?

Warning:  If you are easily offeneded - move on!  This post is not for you.


Insults.net is pretty cool and shows you how to swear in any language from Afrikaans to Yiddish, as well as what's considered insulting in various parts of the world!

This is the most popular one.  YouSwear.com teaches you swear words in different languages and you can search by language type or search by 'Common Swear Words'. 

There's even a rating system to rate how accurate the swear words are.

And if you don't have time to check out the sites, then check out this infograph:


So the next time you go to Italy and the taxi driver cuts you off.. you know what to do...
Hey! Testa di cazzo! Watch where you're going!

Recource(s):  MFS-Useful Links


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