Monday, April 9, 2012

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Avoiding Google Instant Predictions

Ok, I've heard and read many times how frustrated some of you are when searching Google only to have these Google Predictions popping up as you type - trying to predict what you are typing. 
Here are a few solutions for turning Google Instant on and off that I've discovered through Google forums:

Solution #1

1. From, select the gear icon in the top right hand corner of the page

2. Select Search settings

3. Scroll down to the Google Instant section and choose a preference:

4. Save your changes!The problem with this solution is that you must keep your cookies. If you delete them for security purposes, like I do, then you have to repeat this process over and over again.

Another problem I've discovered (being Canadian), is that the "" that Canadians get is actually an "international site" not the U.S. site. This is why I could never find that "search settings" when I clicked on my gear icon.  Instead I'd get this:

So for all you Canadians and non-Americans, here's the actual link for setting your preferences:

Note: How Google Instant works–and how it’s accessed–may be different than described here, depending on the browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc,) or the OS (XP, Vista, Windows 7).  I'm using Windows 7.

Solution #2

I found this solution the best. When all else fails... make the following your home page:
This google webpage will not have instant search set to on, and you don't have to constantly go to settings to turn the default to off (or have to keep cookies on your computer).
Plus, on top of this - that link appears to be the ACTUAL American Google site!

Good luck!

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