Saturday, August 6, 2011

☺On The Lighter Side... The Pharmacist


A young unmarried couple decides after a few dates that they are going to sleep together. So, the guy, Tom, goes to the local pharmacy to buy some condoms. Tom goes up to the pharmacy counter and asks the pharmacist for some Trojans, (just like the kid in Summer of '42).

The pharmacist looks at Tom disgustedly and says, "What's wrong with you kids today, ya go on two dates and you wanna go to bed with each other. Why can't ya save sex for when ya get married. You should wait until you're married! Sex before marriage is a sin ya know."

Well Tom calmed down the pharmacist and explained that his generation was a little different. He said that he and his girlfriend were just trying to act responsibly and take precautions against pregnancy and disease. The pharmacist conceded that times were changing and finally sold him the condoms.
That same night Tom was invited over to his girlfriend Katey's house for dinner with the family. When they all sat down, Tom asked Katey's father if he could say grace. Her father said yes and Tom proceded to say a beautiful eleven minute grace thanking everyone from the Pilgrims to the President for the meal they were about to eat.
After dinner Katey took Tom aside and smiling, said, "Tom, you never told me you were so religious!"
Tom smiled back and said, "Well, Katey, you never told me you father was a pharmacist."

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