Monday, July 18, 2011

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Restoring a Closed Tab

         Restoring a Closed Tab

Have you ever had more than say.... ten tabs open at once (like I do all the time), and thought this is crazy, I have to close a few of these tabs there's way too many open.   You close them all only to realize that the last one closed was the one you actually needed?

Well don't go all crazy now and start swearing out loud (like I do, just not out loud).  Just remember this simple keyboard combination:


And voila!   Your last tab should re-open again!  This works in Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Now I've mentioned this trick before many posts ago, but I was curious what happened if I kept on pressing this code?   Will it also bring back previous closed tabs?  As a matter of fact, it did!  At least for me using Internet Explorer.

So, if the last closed tab was not the one you wanted, just keep on pressing the 3-combination keyboard code until you get to the closed tab you wanted! Ok?  Try it out!


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