Tuesday, July 12, 2011

✍ FYI: Creating Your Own Cartoon Videos with Youtube!

For Your Information...
Creating Your Own Cartoon Videos with Youtube!

Did you know Youtube has a 'Create Videos' section that allows you to create your own animated videos, for free, within 10 minutes without having to draw?

There are four animation tools on this Youtube Create Videos site:  Stupeflix, Xtranormal, One True Media and Goanimate.  Xtranormal and Goanimate are both used to create cartoon-style animations, but on today's post, I will concentrate on using Goanimate since you get more out of the 'free-use' version of this one than Xtranormal.

  1. First, to be able to use any of these tools, you have to have a Youtube account so if you haven't created one yet, do so.
  2. Next, after signing in, go to Youtube's Create Videos page.
  3. Go to the GoAnimate part and click on the Create Video button.

You can create cartoons with GoAnimate in two ways: simple - from a template which they call Type Video, where you just pick your characters and type in what you want them to say, or, from scratch, Make a Video - a more detailed version showing off your true skills, lol. The former keeps things easy, while the latter allows full creative control over every last aspect of your cartoon.

I decided to create something simple for now.  I selected the 'Talking Picz' category ...

and from there chose the 'Fast Food Love' Template...

After your masterpiece is complete, you can save it as Public or Private and I chose Public otherwise I wouldn't be able to show you now, would I? As soon as you click the 'Save as Public' button, it will start to render your video...

and voila!  My creation was born!  The soda and burger telling a few jokes...

Ok, so maybe it's not for you advanced animators, but good for anyone who wants to make something for fun and put it on their blog, twitter or facebook.  And it's free!  Unless you want to get more sophisticated of course.  

Check out this one I made with Xtranormal... it's even more RETARDED than the first!

"PAARTEH tonight babay", lol.

Hey! What did you expect!?  I didn't have enough time but I'm sure some of you will.  So, don't be shy, go create something waaaaaaaaay better than this, upload it to youtube and put it on YOUR space for the world to see!  Have fun!

Source:  MFS-UsefulLinks

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