Tuesday, May 24, 2011

✍ FYI: NumberCloak - The Alternative for Using Your REAL Phone Number!

For Your Information...
NumberCloak - The Alternative for Using Your REAL Phone Number.
So you want to be able to receive calls but not give out your real number - well numbercloak.com is the answer!

Unlike other similar services such as Tossable Digits and iNumbr, Number Cloak is FREE!  Number Cloak is a completely free service to the owner of the Number Cloak and there will be no billing or charges to any inbound calls.  Number Cloak enables you to instantly hide your mobile or landline number, by providing you with a secondary number (known as a Number Cloak), which diverts to your phone without the caller being aware. You are able to receive up to 10 Number Cloaks per e-mail address. If you want to change your Number Cloak, simply disconnect (using the Un-Cloak Me feature) and set up a new one.

The advantages of having a free, temporary/secondary number are endless:
  • Dating site members
  • Universities/Schools
  • eBay Auction Buyers and Sellers and similar sites
  • Concerned Parents
  • Facebook
  • Telemarketers
  • Small businesses
  • 'Shady' Website registrations requiring phone numbers

Their mission is to safeguard your number and protect your privacy.

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