Tuesday, May 3, 2011

✍ FYI: Kittens Bookmarklet - For the "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" (NSFW) Websites

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For Your Information...
Kittens Bookmarklet - For the "NOT SAFE FOR WORK" (NSFW) Websites.

Ok bloggers, I don't even know why I'm showing this because even though the title says NSFW - NOT SAFE FOR WORK, I keep thinking instead NOT SAFE FOR WOMEN/WIFE since I know some of you men/women will be using this bookmarklet for other reasons other than at work.

Anyways, I'm just the messenger, lol, so to put it simply, when viewing a page that you shouldn't be viewing at work or wherever such as the following:

then just click on the kittens bookmarklet before anyone gets near and voila!....

They'll think you're looking at kittens instead!  (Well, as long as they don't look too closely).  All the guys will think you are.. well, weird, but all the girls will think... "aaaw, they're sooo cute, and so are you." (ಠ_ಠ)whatever...

Warning (I think):  This little bookmarklet DOES NOT work on videos!

Oh!  One last thing.  For those of you who just can't seem to 'drag and drop' this into your bookmark bar as suggested by the site, just right-click on the bookmarklet, add it to favorites, right-clicked from there and then add it to your favorites bar! (Using IE8):

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