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❏This vs That ❐: Above-Ground vs. In-ground Swimming Pools

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Above Ground vs. In-ground Swimming Pool

Ok folks, it's almost that time of the year again for most of us, where the barbecue comes out,  the galoshes go in, the radios crank up, the convertible tops crank down,  the sunscreen lotion goes on, the bikini tops go... well, you get the picture.

Nothing says summer like going to drive-ins (do we still have those?), eating ice-cream, sucking on popsicles, wearing flip-flops, telling a good dick joke on a warm summer night, going camping, having bonfires while roasting marshmallows, and so on and so on.  (I better stop daydreaming and get on with the topic at hand.)

Anyways, it's almost that time of year to be thinking about pools.  More specific, swimming pools for the backyard.  But which is better - above or in-ground?
Well, I guess it all depends on what you need, where you live etc.

In-ground Pool Advantages
  • Great for the serious swimmers
  • No size restriction if you have a huge backyard
  • An in-ground pool typically has a deep end of six feet
  • A deeper pool means you can have a diving board, a slide, fancy lights, and waterfalls. You can swim laps more easily.
  • In-ground pools come in a greater variety of attractive shapes than above-ground pools. You can even have one designed that fits the space of your yard and goes with the style of your house.

Above Ground Pool Advantages
  • Moveable
  • Affordable
  • No heater required
  • Easier to maintain
  • Safer

An above ground pool offers several nice advantages, starting with cost. Generally, it cost ten times less than an in-ground pool. Also, installing one is not likely to raise your property taxes. In most cities, an above-ground pool is not considered a permanent structure.
It’s also easier to clean and maintain because it tends to be smaller than an in-ground pool. Finally, it is safer. To prevent access, all you have to do is remove the pool ladder.

An above ground pool may not look as appealing as an in-ground but there are many options availabe in your local pool stores.   In the past, above-ground pools were characterized by a metallic look, but current models can be customized to suit your taste. Chances are you’ll be able to choose from several colors and liner patterns. You will probably be able to choose the type of material you’d like to have on the outside of your pool, too. Adding a wooden or aluminum deck is another way you can customize your pool and give it the look you want.
Above ground pools won't add as much value to your home if this is a reason for getting one. 

An in-ground pool typically has a deep end of six feet, while an above-ground pool usually has a deep end of no more than four feet. A deeper pool also means you can have all the fancy toys that goes along with it such as a diving board, a slide, fancy lights, and waterfalls.  You can swim laps more easily.   In-ground pools are customizable according to the size and shape of your backyard whereas a custom shape is generally not an option in above-ground pools since they usually come in 2 shapes - oval or round.

An in-ground pool however, costs more since it requires more labour and supplies such as digging a trench, installing a solid liner etc.  Maintainance also can get costly since a chemical testing kit is usually needed to test the alkalinity, ph, chlorine etc. of the water. 
Then there's the heater and or pool cover that is needed to maintain a certain desired temperature.

I guess the bottom line is really what you have in terms of money and space.  If you can afford the costs of installing and maintaining an in-ground pool and have a fairly huge backyard and don't really plan to move for a very, very long time if at all - then in-ground is the way to go!  I say this because even though an in-ground pool can add value to a home, I think the opposite should be noted as well.  I remember friends who were looking to purchase a home - they love the actual house so much but had to turn it down since they had young children and were afraid for their safety with regards to an in-ground pool that this home included.  As well as both parents worked and didn't have time to maintain the pool - unless they hired someone which equals more costs.

An above ground pool on the other hand, is easier to maintain, is more affordable, can be designed to look more appealing, takes up less space, can be moved if necessary, and most likely won't raise your property taxes.

In the end, it's all up to you.  I personally prefer deeper waters so and in-ground would be my choice but since I could never afford one, I'd just go to someone's house who had one, lol.

To make things easier when starting to outweigh the differences - just take a look at how big your back yard is - if it's tiny, problem solved.

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