Tuesday, April 26, 2011

✍ FYI:Clipmarks

For Your Information...
Instead of linking to entire web pages, Clipmarks lets you clip exactly what you want others to see. Their browser add-on lets you save and share what you're reading on the web with greater precision than is possible with links. There are lots of things you can do with your clips:

  • Save them on Clipmarks.com Your clips can be saved publicly for others to learn from or be entertained by, or you can make them private. Either way you've got a fully searchable collection of great things you find on the web.
  • Post them directly to your blog Clipmarks offers direct integration with wordpress, blogger, typepad, live journal and other blogging platforms, enabling you to post anything you clip from a web page directly to your blog.
  • Email them to friends Straight from any web page you can clip and email something you want friends, family or co-workers to see. 
  • Print them Don't waste paper or get annoyed trying to copy and paste to a Word document. Use clipmarks to easily print only the parts of the page you want.

Clipmarks also gives each user a widget for their clips that can be embedded on MySpace, your blog or just about anywhere else. You can also use their Facebook application to share what you clip with your friends. Lastly, there’s a great community over at clipmarks.com where people share and discuss interesting things they clip from the web. Feel free to see what other’s are clipping, add your two cents and start posting clips you think others would enjoy.

widget for side bar
on blog

On Clipmarks.com, you can see clips of text, images or video about all sorts of topics that people find while surfing the web.

Clipmarks can be installed on Firefox and Internet Explorer 8!

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Source:  MFS-UsefulLinks

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