Tuesday, April 12, 2011

✍ FYI: Save the Words

For Your Information...
Save the Words

A great site for using and learning all those words we never use or even know of in the English language!

According to numberof.netAs of February 2, 2010, there are 1,033,322 words in the English language.  This is based on calculations from the Global Language Monitor, which uses a mathematical formula to back their estimation that ‘English gains a new word every 98 minutes’. The organization reached its count for 1 million English words in June 2009.

Having read that, I researched a bit to see how many words we actually use and to my surprise, it was only a fraction - around 2,500 - 7,000 words - both spoken and written! 

Well, this is where this great site comes in for those of you who want to not only expand your english vocabulary but Save the Words of those unused or unknown words of the english language.  You can save the words from disappearing by adopting one and using it in your conversations and writings right now! 

This is really a neat site since when you enter it, a collage of words appear and you can click on anyone of them and you'll be given the definition for the word and the option to adopt that word!

Source:  MFS-UsefulLinks/

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