Monday, January 17, 2011

☑PC Tips and Tricks: Undiscovered Firefox Tricks

Undiscovered  Firefox Tricks 

There are some lesser-known features in Mozilla Firefox that can make your Internet browsing experience much more enjoyable. I'll admit, that even I didn't know about these features up until about a week ago. So let's explore together, shall we?

1. View your saved passwords for a page.

You're in the habit of saving your passwords, but the convenience has caused your memory to lapse and now you can't remember what it actually was! Rest easy, because all you need to do is right-click anywhere on the current page, select View Page Info and under the security tab there's an option to " View Saved passwords".
Sounds a little unsecured, doesn't it? That's where a Master Password comes in. Under Tools>Options>Security there's a checkbox for "Use Master password". Select this and enter in something you'll remember. Now anyone who tried to view your saved passwords will be met with...well, another password!

2. Duplicate tabs with drag and drop

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is! Just hold the Ctrl key and drag a tab to an empty spot on your tab bar. Instant duplication!

3. Small Icons on the toolbar.

This is a minor feature, but one I'm sure at least a few of you will use. All you need to do to make your navigation buttons smaller is right click on the home icon on the toolbar and select"Customize...". From here, you can add and remove icons, but also check the tick box that says " Use Small Icons". There's a little more space on your toolbar now!

Resource: by Andrew

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