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Personality Insights: What Does YOUR Favorite SNACK reveal about the real YOU?

What Does YOUR Favorite SNACK reveal about the real YOU?

Quick:  Would you rather dip your chip in salsa or guacamole?  The answer reveals tons about your personality!  says behavioral food expert Juliet Boghossian, author of the forthcoming book, Food-ology: You Are How You Eat.  In tracking the tastes of more than 5,000 people, she found an 87% correlation between snack habits and certain traits.  In fact, her research is already being used by human resource experts and marketers to help them evaluate job candidates and consumers - all based on what they put on their plates!

You're a Dreamer!
"Sweet craving mean you enjoy opportunities to daydream, forget problems and fantasize about what -ifs."  And since the love of sugar is psychologically tied to childhood, you are likely a trusting soul, says Boghossian.  Artistic and inventive, you need a lot of downtime to recharge your batteries.  Rather than rush through life, you savor every moment, taking time to smell the roses - and maybe even create a gorgeous arrangement while you're at it!

You're a Born Leader!
For centuries, women have been taught to eat small, quiet meals - so it's not surprising that crunch-lovers tend to be nonconformists unafraid either to be seen or heard eating!  This confidence makes you stand out and galvanize others, whether you're strategizing shopping trips or planning parties.  And even when you're not at the front of the pack, your boldness has everyone believing your abilities.

You're a Risk Taker!
A preference for fiery foods reflects a higher threshold for stimuli and adventure.  and since capasaicin, the heat-packing chemical in spices, literally gets your heart pumping and raises your metabolism, peppery foods help fulfill your subconscious desire for excitement.  Passionate by nature, your willingness to take chances also means you're a powerhouse on the work-front.  Not surprisingly, says Boghossian, "these women often make great entrepreneurs!"

You're a Peacemaker!
"A preference for smooth, creamy snacks reflects a deep need for the same tranquility you give to others," says Boghossian.  These foods do the trick by spiking levels of serotonin, the happiness chemical, so you feel blissfully serene!  A natural diplomat, you bring a balanced perspective to everything you do, whether you're quashing a sibling squabble or getting friends to see eye-to-eye.  And understanding other points of view doesn't mean you lack opinions of your own:  It just means you don't force them on anyone!

You're a Maverick!
You really are one of a kind!  According to Boghossian's research, very few people are wired to love bitter and sour foods - and those who do show a preference for the unusual in other aspects of life as well.  "You're aware of your unconventional tastes and pursue them confidently," she says.  Truthful and observant, you never let anything get in the way of speaking your mind.

Source:  - Carla Firey Shives - Woman's World Magazine, Vol.XXIX, No.21, May 26, 2008 Issue, P. 46

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