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Personality Insight: What Does YOUR Favorite Dog Say About You

What Does YOUR Favorite Dog Say About You

I don't know, it seems the more and more I observe, the more and more I notice the type of dog you have can say alot about the type of person you are.  People with an outgoing, happy-go-lucky personality seem to have dogs that are just like them and people who are more serious have dogs that 'seem' to be less playful or active but more of, let's say, a guard dog of sorts.  Anyways, at, they had their version of What Does Your Dog Say About You that I found quite 'amusing'.  They did 50 dog breeds but I will only do the more popular ones here.  You can go there to see your dog breed if it's not listed here
Bloodhound - Bloodhound owners are laid back and truly enjoy life in their own calm way. They like to sit and listen to the sounds of nature and the beauty of the earth. They can always be relied on to help anyone in need. Looks aren't important to them; it is the character and soul that matters. Favorite TV show: Missing.

Bullmastiff – Bullmastiff owners are often assertive and like to get their way. They prefer an active lifestyle and are family-oriented. They can be opinionated and like to make sure others know what they consider to be right and wrong. They have a strong sense of justice and are appalled when people get away with crime. Favorite TV show: Court TV (especially Nancy Grace).

Newfoundland – Newfoundland owners are laid back and relaxed people. Nothing seems to get them worked up. They are big bears with hearts of gold. But, if there is a crisis, they are the first ones to help and will even risk their lives to save someone else. They live to feel needed and are very romantic. Most love water sports and small intimate dinner parties. Favorite TV show: The Cosby Show.

Chinese Shar Pei – Shar pei owners tend to be bold and can be aggressive at times. They can be short-tempered and hold a grudge but are very loyal to their friends. They often have firm ideas and do not often change their minds about things. They are opinionated and not shy about voicing those opinions. Favorite TV show: Politically Incorrect. 

Doberman Pinscher – Owners of Doberman pinschers are often serious, intense and determined. They are quiet and very stoic and like to be in control. They enjoy learning new things and teaching others. Dobie owners are neat and tidy and strive to get what they want in a polite manner. Favorite TV show: CSI.

Great Dane – Owners of Great Danes are good-hearted people with a keen sense of responsibility. They take their life and work seriously and strive to do their very best. They like to keep on top of world events and like to debate important issues with others. They aren't prone to silliness but do enjoy lounging around the house on the weekends. Favorite TV show: 60 Minutes.

Weimaraner – Owners of Weimaraners have full active lives. They typically have a few good friends and lots of acquaintances. They like mystery and have a tendency to see coincidences as part of some bigger conspiracy. They are devoted to their friends but have a hard time trusting others. They like antiques and have a well decorated home. Favorite TV show: X-Files.

Collie (Rough) & (Smooth) – Collie owners are sincere and compassionate about life. They are often family-oriented and enjoy traditional family activities. They like to keep things together and for those with children, empty nest syndrome can be severe. They like to get things done and don't procrastinate. If you want something done, and done right, ask a collie owner. Favorite TV show: Lassie (of course!)

Saint Bernard – Owners of Saint Bernards are not very active people. They would prefer a snooze on the sofa to a jog in the park. Cooking evening meals isn't for them. They prefer fast food or microwave meals. They tend to let things slide but if it is something important, they will move heaven and earth to get it done. They are devoted to their friends and will do anything to help someone in need. Favorite TV show: Rescue Me.


 Pekingese – Pekingese owners are often considered cute and funny. They pride themselves on their looks and sense of humor. They have a regal air about them and are always fashionable. They love to go out clubbing and can spend the night dancing. But too much activity can take their breath away and they need to frequently rest. They like to be pampered and love to gossip. Favorite TV show: Oprah.

Basset Hound – Many Basset hound owners are laid back and enjoy the comforts of home. They have lots of great traits but are never considered overly neat or meticulous. The like to sleep in and waking up early can be a struggle. Basset owners enjoy being silly and making others laugh but can also be stubborn. Favorite TV show: Reno 911! 

Labrador Retriever – Labrador retriever owners are always looking for fun things to do. If necessary, they will gladly provide the fun. They love all sports, especially water sports. These people are known for their kindness, compassionate nature and spontaneity. They will try anything, at least once. Favorite TV show: Anything on the Outdoor Life Network.

German Shepherds – German shepherd owners are often serious people that tend to be a little shy around strangers. People that don't know them may consider them to be aloof. But, once you get to know them, they have hearts of gold and will do anything for their friends. They can be fiercely loyal and enjoy helping people. They always want to do what is right, morally and ethically. Favorite TV show: NYPD Blue.

Dachshunds – Dachshund owners love people and good parties. They can be somewhat stubborn. When they want something, they don't give up until they get it! These people love gardening, especially digging up things. Favorite TV show: Ground Force.

Boxers – Boxer owners love life and are usually quite busy. To them, strangers are just friends they haven't met yet. Their lives are busy with lots of loyal friends. Some may find them a little too busy and somewhat high strung. These people handle life's stresses with silliness and playfulness. To them life isn't worth living if it isn't full of fun and laughter. Favorite TV show: Seinfeld.

Poodles – Poodle owners are sincere and compassionate people. They love passionately and will do anything to help someone in need. They take great pride in their appearance and keep themselves and their homes very clean. They enjoy traveling and fancy restaurants. Favorite TV show: Blow Out. 

Shih Tzus – Owners of shih tzus are friendly and nonjudgmental and are dearly loved by their friends. They are great confidants and enjoy a calm relaxed lifestyle. They aren't one to take on extra tasks at work and prefer to be taken care of. They enjoy valet parking and personal shoppers. Favorite TV show: Will & Grace.

Rottweiler – Rottweiler owners are serious and determined people that may be described as "intense"by people that know them well. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and are well respected by their friends and coworkers. They have an air of confidence and those that don't know them may think they are aloof. But once you get to know them, they are devoted and loyal friends. Favorite TV show: American Justice.

Bull Dog
– Most bull dog owners love to laugh and be silly but some have a stubborn streak. They like to do things in their own time and in their own way. They are very methodical and look for the easiest and most efficient way to get things done. They love their family dearly and can be very romantic. They have a sentimental streak and love to sit in front of the TV with a big bowl of popcorn. Favorite TV show: The Simpson.

Siberian Husky – Husky owners are busy people struggling to keep their family, work and home lives all together. They are kind hearted people that will do anything to help someone in need. They love sports, especially cold weather sports. They tend to not like the dentist or doctor too much and avoid going unless absolutely necessary. When they are sick, they like to have others around to take care of them. Favorite TV show: Northern Exposure. 


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