Tuesday, December 28, 2010

✍ FYI: The File Extensions Website!

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The File Extensions Website!


No matter how much computers seem to change over the years, you can always count on there being file extensions. Now, you may already be familiar with some file extensions, such as: .jpeg, .gif, .html and .doc. but here's a Web site that's perfect for those times when you run across one you don’t know, like: .bat, .otf, .xml or .sqm!

Just go to file-extension.org.

There are several ways to navigate this site. You can use the search engine to look up an extension you don’t know, you can use the alphabetical listing at the top of the page to choose by letter, you can browse by symbol, number and unknown extensions or you could use the categories on the side menu.

On the main page, you will see the definition of what a file extension is, how to best search for an unknown file extension, the file extension of the day and the most recently updated file extensions throughout the whole site.

My favorite way to use this site is to use the search engine when I run across a file extension I don’t know and I don’t have the program to run. This site is wonderful, because it explains the extension and provides information on the program that uses it. It also sometimes includes a link to get the program.

For example, I ran across a .rar file for an add on to a game I play. Having never seen this before, I was puzzled. So, I came to this site, looked it up and found out it can be opened by a program called WinRAR. I also learned that .rar files are compressed files like .zip files and you can use WinRAR to decompress them. How cool!


Resource:  worldstart.com by Amanda

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