Friday, November 26, 2010

Personality Insights: What is YOUR Party Personality?

'Tis the season for sequins, socializing and the most special party night of the year!  Whether you like your New Year's Eve celebration cozy and intimate or grand and guest-packed, your party preferences reveal much about your personality.  "Parties are microcosms of live, reflecting everything from how we approach relationships to our appetite for risk-taking," explains personality consultant Neil lhde (  Read on to discover what your New Year's plans reveal about you!

You're an inquisitive extrovert!
Exuberant and talkative, "the more the merrier" is your motto!  Yet as outgoing as you are, you're also a deep thinker with an impressive knowledge base, says Ihde.  The reason?  Highly inquisitive, you can't help learning a little something about all your interests, from asteroids to zoology.  That's what makes  you such a delightful conversationalist.  With your flair for the dramatic as well as the intellectual, is it any wonder you're on everyone's A-list?

You're a free-spirited adventurer!
A thrill-seeker down to your bones, you'd hop a plane just to chase midnight across multiple time zones and ring in the New Year repeatedly!  Yet while you thrive on the unexpected, you count on your loved ones to keep you secure and balanced.  "People with this free-spirited style tend to create strong support system that gives them a soft place to land when they return from their travels," says Ihde.  It's the reason your welcome-back parties are full of friends hanging on your every word!

You're a super-charged leader!
From making sure everyone has a noise cracker in hand at midnight to offering your lactose-intolerant friend a soy nog, nobody throws a better party!  A born leader, you'll tap into any resource to guarantee your revelers feel right at home.  It's a trait that makes you the family rock and an inexhaustible font of ideas for whatever project you're heading up.  so when it comes to the phrase "the life of the party," you can be assured it's an almost literal description of you!

You're an intense romantic!
If you shy away from sardine-squeezed crowds in favor of sofa celebrations for two, it's because you're passionate and keen on nurturing intimate relationships.  In fact, your ability to focus completely on whomever you're with makes him or her feel like a star.  But like most fiery personalities, you need a little downtime from all that intensity.  "You value your personal space and respect everyone's need for the same," says Ihde.  and getting the solo space you need ensures you'll have the energy to make your next party a smashing success!

Source:  - Barbara Hustedt Crook - Woman's World Magazine, Vol.XXIX, No.52, December 29, 2008 Issue, P. 52

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