Friday, November 12, 2010

Personality Insights: What Does Your Shopping Style Say About You

 What does YOUR Shopping Style say about you?

Do you hit the supermarket with a list in hand and a mission in mind?  Meander the mall until that "it" item strikes your fancy?  Never met a trend you didn't love?  Whatever your retail strategy, one thing's for sure:  It's as indelible as the last shopping list you wrote in ink! 
According to Anastasia Toomey, lead author of a surprising new study that tracked the habits of more than 3,000 women, there are four specific shopping styles that are "part of our DNA," she says, remaining unchanged no matter what stage of life we're in.  and just knowing your style can help you shop savvier - and save more!

You're a pragmatist!

Confident and self-assured, you're never swayed by gimmicks.  "You buy what works for you and your family, and you're the most loyal of customers," says Toomey.  As mother, friend, wife and co-worker, you're the heart of everything, maintaining a bustling
lifestyle that requires a one-stop-shopping experience.
  • SHOP SAVVIER:  Make your brand loyalty work for you by targeting stores with lifetime guarantees like L.L. Bean.  If a zipper breaks on a bag, for example, they'll replace it for free no matter how long ago you bought it!

You're a thinker!

You know that saving doesn't mean shunning the finer things in life.  But what sets you apart is your foresight and intelligence, so "when a special occasion pops up, you already have that perfect dress in your closet," says Toomey.  Achieving this smart balance extends beyond your wardrobe, making you the creative problem-solver at work and the cool head that prevails in your relationships.
  • SHOP SAVVIER:  Sign up for e-mails from a wide variety of stores; promotions that might overwhelm a lesser shopper's inbox are just more opportunities for you to find an amazing coupon!

You're a trailblazer!
From that exotic tea you picked up at the health-food store to the scarf you found at the flea market, your choices are always adventurous, prompting friends (and the occasional stranger!) to ask: "Where did you get that?"  Inquisitive and creative, you're on top of every new craze in an effort to avoid your biggest enemy: boredom!
  • SHOP SAVVIER:  Log on to websites like or  There you can post your latest finds and search through listings of like-minded trendsetters!

You're and enthusiast!

A social spark plug, for you shopping is a reason to get together with friends!  Highly verbal and passionate, you hold up your end of conversations as easily as you hold on to your many shopping bags.  And even though you're an avid consumer, you prize the things money can't buy above all!
  • SHOP SAVVIER:  Plan an outlet excursion so you can socialize and save money!  Your boundless energy is the perfect  match for outlets that demand patient bargain-hunting.

Resource:  - Amanda Prost - Woman's World Magazine, Vol.XXIX, No.22, June 02, 2008 Issue, P. 48

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