Friday, November 5, 2010

Personality Insight: What Do YOUR Hands Reveal About You?

 What do YOUR Hands reveal about you?

Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but your hands are the windows to your personality!  The ancient Gypsies discovered this centuries ago, when they assigned each of the four hand shapes its own element (earth, fire, air and water) to go along with certain traits - and modern science backs them up!  "The same processes that develop your brain also develop your hands, so their shape reflects your neurochemistry," explains hand analyst Baeth Davis (
Ready to learn the secrets in the palm of your hand?  If...

Earth Hand!
As sure and unwavering as the Earth itself, you are the personification of loyalty.  That's why when you take hold of something, you  don't let go until you've accomplished what you set out to do.  "You also have a meditative, introspective quality about you," says Davis.  In fact, having such proportionate hands suggest you're an even-keel thinker with a keen sense of perspective:  No wonder you take life by the horns!

Air Hand!
Intellectual and razor-sharp, you and your long fingers "are almost literally reaching for more knowledge - in fact, your curiosity is unquenchable," says Davis.  An abstract thinker, you have the touch of a poet, and if you're sometimes as moody as an artist, it's because you're just as complex, with a discerning eye that allows you to make trendy finds at the flea market as well as the corner boutique.  Mysterious as air itself, you're happy to learn new things - and happier still when your reach exceeds your grasp!

Fire Hand!
"People with little hands are usually up to big things - so many, in fact, you tend to have five pots boiling at once," proclaims Davis.  In other words, you're a multitasking maven as passionate as your element suggests.  To you, challenges are the kindling that keeps you going.  In fact, you journey through life like a concert pianist travels up and down the scales - fast, sometimes furiously, but always hitting every note to perfection!

Water Hand!
Palmists call yours a "psychic hand," which, in more scientific terms, means you tend to be a visual, highly intuitive thinker.  You are attuned to the invisible, but powerful vibrations emitted by all life.  Sensitive and charming, you're a people person, able to get along with just about anyone because you understand human nature so well.  As flexible as your dexterous fingers, you're what Davis calls a "seer," blessed with an insightful personality.

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    I would say : Half Air - Half Earth hand!
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