Monday, November 15, 2010

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: 'Mouse Keys' Trick


Here's a fun trick That will allow you to use your keyboard to control your mouse pointer; it's called Mouse Keys.

Simply press Left Shift +Alt+Num Lock (The Num Lock Key is located in the top row of your number pad.) When you press this key combination, you should see this window pop up.

Now simply press Yes and Mouse Keys will be turned on. Here's how you control it:

- To move up, tap or hold down the 8 key on your numeric keypad
- To move down, tap or hold down the 2 key on your numeric keypad
- To move right, tap or hold down the 6 key on your numeric keypad
- To move left, tap or hold down the 4 key on your numeric keypad
- To Click on something, Hit the 5 key on your numeric keypad
- To double-click, press the plus sign (+) on your numeric keypad
- To right-click, press the minus sign (-) on your numeric keypad
- To drag something, move the cursor over the item you want to drag then press the Insert key. Then to release the item hit the Delete key.

You'll notice that your cursor is going to move really slow, so you may need to adjust your mouse movement speed.
  See below on how to do that.

Now, what are mouse keys good for? Well, for one, if your mouse has died on you mysteriously, it's a way to continue navigating until you can buy a new mouse, and two: graphic artists that need that extra bit of pixel-by-pixel accuracy might find this feature useful.

To turn off Mouse Keys, simply input the same command: Left Shift+Alt+Num Lock. You should hear a noise through your speakers to indicate that it's been turned off.

To increase the speed of your mouse, just follow these directions:

1.) Go to Start, Control Panel and click the Mouse icon.
Now, keep in mind that if you're using the classic view of the Control Panel, you can click on the Mouse icon right away, but if you're in the category view, you'll need to click on Printers and Other Hardware, then Mouse.

2.) Click on the Pointer Options tab and you will see different areas you can experiment with to change the enhancement of your mouse. The first one is for the Motion speed and this is the one you'll want to look at. Under that, an option to "Enhance Pointer Precision" is shown.

Uncheck that and you will see right away how much faster your mouse will go.

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