Monday, November 22, 2010

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Hide / tweak the Firefox download window

Hide / tweak the Firefox download window

Remove that pesky download window that appears after downloading a file by adding the Firefox Download Statusbar Add-on to your browser. Alternatively editing the about:config settings as shown below can also disable this window from being displayed.
  1. Open a new tab in Firefox.
  2. In the address bar type: about:config
  3. Locate by copying and pasting the bold text into the Filter box.
  4. Double-click the name or value to change the value from True to False. Once done close the tab.
If you've hidden your download Window it can still viewed by clicking Tools and then Downloads or pressing Ctrl + J.


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  1. It works !
    For the first time I can see what I have in my PC !
    Thanks Kath.

    Where did you learn this tricks ?


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