Monday, November 1, 2010

☑PC-Tips and Tricks: Expanded Version of the "Send to" Locations for Windows 7

Expanded Version of the "Send to" Locations!

You all know the motion.  You "right click" on a file to send it to some location and this pops up:

But what if you can get MORE choices?  Well you can!  Windows 7 users have this great expanded option!  Next time, Try holding Shift when you right-click a file and see what you get:

Now we're talking!!  Look at ALL the locations!  Now you can send your file just about anywhere!

Resource: ~Andrew @

The Ocean

Hearing the sweet melody

My emotions take me away

As I listen to the sea

And the Ocean underway

Feeling the rippling pooltide

I voice my harmony

I hear the waves that glide

They sing their song to me

Tasting the salty air

There was a whipping breeze

Snapping without a care

And whistling with great ease

Smelling the sandy wetness

Where water meets the Earth

A seemingly relentless

Undercurrent birth

I hear, I feel, I taste, I smell

This great big ocean true

It is an endless waterwell

Where only fish should rule

But, once again the human rules of life

Destroy what it does not see

I can feel this Ocean's strife

Can you not hear it's plea?

This Ocean needs humanity

But what do we do in return?

We kill it with our insanity

And never want to learn

Consume not what you cannot give

Back to this water deep

I know this Ocean wants to live

Breathing beauty for all to keep

Just one Ocean blue, once pure

This water will become a mirage

We leave Mother Nature with no cure

We pollute her with our garbage

Everyone should seek the path

Of preserving this Ocean we need

She knows a fury full of wrath

Beware Mother Nature and take heed!

- Resty Rivera

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