Sunday, November 7, 2010

⅏Did You Know - The First Photographed Human?

Did You Know back in 1838, there was a man and his shoe-cleaning boy on the streets of Paris that are considered THE first humans ever photographed?

Seemingly deserted: Because Louis Daguerre's picture process took several minutes, moving objects were not captured - which is why the two stationary figures are so significant in the left of this 1838 photograph


Going about his daily business, he paused for just a few minutes in the middle of a Parisian street. But unbeknown to him, this man could have inadvertently made history as the first human ever to be photographed. The picture was taken by photography pioneer Louis Daguerre in 1838 on the Boulevard du Temple in the French capital. Its existence has been known for many years but it has sparked a frenzy of Internet speculation recently after claims by University of Rochester academics that a photo taken in Cincinnati in 1848 was the oldest existing photo of a human being.

His identity has not been ascertained, and is unlikely to ever be knownRead more:

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