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Personality Insights: What YOUR Doodles Say About YOU!

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Personality Insight: What do your doodles say about you?
Doodles are taking cener stage in the world's psychology journals, as research reveals that your inky acrobatics can help you concentrate almost 30% longer on everyday tasks. That's no surprise to Katherine Q. Revoir, author of Spitritual Doodles & Mental Leapfrogs. Doodling uses your brain's creative right side, she explains, "which energizes you and gives a glimpse into your emotional state." Just find the doodle that resembles your best work to learn more about yourself!

Circles: You're searching for meaning!
Because your brain is wired to find circles meaningful (e.g., a round balloon reminds your subconscious of a human face!), it makes sense that drawing these shapes means you're searching for connections. In short, you are curious and optimistic, and because you're philosophical to the core, you like to draw shapes that invite introspection.

Zigzags: You're about to turn a new page!
The sharp ups and downs of your zigzags energize you by exciting "wake-up" beta waves in your brain. And on a more metaphorical level, this "wake-up" doodle shows you're yearning to get out of a rut and make a new in life. Bored with the same old way of doing things and brave enough to walk the walk, you're bound to zigzag your way to bigger and better things.

Flowers: You're imaginative!
Symbolizing new beginnings, flowers point to the fact that your brain is constantly sprouting fresh ideas. "And since they represent beauty, they show an appreciation for aesthetics," says Revoir. "When you draw flowers, you shut off the more logical part of your brain and turn on the artistic side." You're boosting your mood too: Sketching a bouquet shifts your subconscious thoughts to the relaxing outdoors, which tames tension. No wonder you're such a stress-free artiste!

Geometric shapes: You're assertive!
Drawing simple shapes with predictable proportions suggests you're striving for control in your life, says Revoir. Yet while you love order, you're no lemming! In fact, you aspire to be the one leading. Whether you draw a 3-D cube or the rays of a star, your sure-handed doodles show you have a focus that's as clearly defined as your doodles.

Faces: You're a problem-solver!

When you doodle the different parts of the human face - eyes, nose, mouth - you're putting individual pieces together to form a whole, satisfying your need to see the bigger picture. In other words, doodling a face - the most familiar "pattern" of all - implies you have a need or knack for solving puzzles and problems. And that's not all: Doodling the face, which is capable of conveying any emotion, shows just how well you read people and ambiguous situations.

Abstract shapes: You're a free-thinker!

Defying rules and boundaries, your abstract scribbles are the renegades of the doodle world. As such, they show that thinking outside the box comes second nature to you, says Revoir. "Drawing abstract shapes is like pressing a reset button in your brain: Their lack of a predictable pattern encourages spontaneity." No wonder you tend to veer from the beaten track in search of a world not unlike your doodles: full of intriguing twists and turns.

Resource: Womans World Magazine, May-31-2010 Issue, P.47

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