Friday, October 15, 2010

Personality Insight: What Does YOUR Birth Order Reveal About You?

 What does your birth order reveal about you?

If you’re the first-born in the family, ever notice how you just can’t help but offer helpful, if unsolicited, advice to your younger sibs? If you’re a middle child, in between taking orders from your bossy older sis, do you always find yourself settling family arguments? And we all know what the youngest spends her time doing: goofing off and causing trouble.

It’s just common sense: the oldest child is responsible, the middle child is diplomatic, the baby of the family is the rebel – and the only child is spoiled for life.

According to researcher Kevin Leman, Ph.D., author of The Birth Order Book: Why You Are the Way You Are, "Your birth order influences everything from how you see the world to why you do the things you do."  So what does YOUR place in the family say about you?

The first-born:

Super-smart and ambitious, you defy expectations on a daily basis.  Your innovative streak - always evident whether you're devising a new dish in the kitchen or pitching an out-of-the-box idea at work - largely comes from having little sibling who looked up to you.  In fact, it was their marveling that subconsciously motivated you to take on new challenges (after all, you didn't want to disappoint them)!  Turns out, being their hero back then is partly why you're a Wonder Person today!

A middle child:

With your intuitive understanding of emotions, you read people exceptionally well.  "You tend to be flexible and diplomatic as you strive for harmony in your family," says Leman.  Your amazing sensitivity and insight?  They come from having taken care of younger siblings while still learning the ropes from big brother or sister; in this middle ground between mentor and mentee, you were in a unique position to listen, learn and teach all at the same time, making you the well-rounded people magnet you are today!

The baby of the family:

Expressive and outgoing, you're an entertainer, shining brightest when the spotlight is on you!  "Your humor and storytelling ability - which made you a hit at the family dinner table - make you the life of any party today," says Leman.  Chalk it up to the verbal skills you began picking up practically at birth:  Coming into a bustling household of older siblings means you were shielded from the "baby talk" proven to derail language development in kids!

An only child:

Savvy and sophisticated, you surprise everyone with your colorful imagination!  In fact, the years you spent entertaining yourself - sans siblings - now give you the impressive ability to come up with novel ideas and effective solutions on the spot, making you a welcome and pivotal member of any team.  What's more, you're generous with your time, talents and pocketbook, constantly nursing an urge to splurge on those you love!

A twin:

As a twin, cultivating your own identity is key, so it's no surprise you're an avid adventurer, always trying new and unusual activities from rock climbing to sushi-tasting!  You wouldn't trade the tight bond you have with your twin for the world, but your good-natured rivalry gives you the healthy push you need to push yourself and explore the world as the fierce individual you are!

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