Friday, October 22, 2010

Personality Insight: What the Color of Your Car Says About You

 What the color of your car says about you.

The color of your car reveals a lot about you: your personality, your moods, and even how satisfied you are with your life.

Yes, your fiery orange-red sports car says exactly what you think it does: you're sexy, speedy, high-energy, dynamic. Before you preen, go out and look at your red car.

Most red cars on the road are more of a kidney bean color. Is yours? If so, it means you are dynamic and energetic but are losing your fire. You really want to be have that orange-red sports car personality, but you just can't quite make it. You're too busy, too old, or too tired. For all the good your red car does you, it might as well be brown.

A silver car generally means that you are cool and elegant. The only problem is that since silver was the most popular car color for several years, almost everyone owns one, like your neighbors who don't mow their lawns and don't put their garbage cans away after the garbage has been picked up. Real cool. Very elegant.

What he really means:
Silver cars represent prestige, wealth and luxury. The newer and shinier the car, the more this will come across.

White is supposed to mean you are fastidious, but what it really means is that you wanted that fiery orange-red sports car, but you drive like a bat out of hell or like batman in his batmobile, (depending on your age group) and you were afraid that you'd get too many tickets so you chose the less conspicuous white. Good thinking. On average, while drivers in red cars do not get more tickets than anyone else, orange-red sports car drivers do, and let's face it, they deserve them. Who drives the speed limit in a car like that?

What he really means:
There are many white cars on the road. What they say about their owners has a lot to do with their upkeep. A clean white car shows that you pay attention to detail. You are careful and pure. A dirty white car makes you look sloppy and indifferent.

A light blue vehicle means that you're calm and quiet. It could also mean that you went to the showroom to buy a sunshine yellow car to show how joyful and young-at-heart you are, but they only had marine blue, and since you really are a calm, quiet person who doesn't like to make waves, you bought it.
What he really means:
If your car is light blue you are serene and peaceful. You also have a strong maternal instinct.

A dark green vehicle means that you are traditional, trusty, and well balanced, but what it really means is that you are thrifty. Who makes dark green cars anymore? If you own one, it's probably been a while since you bought a new vehicle.

What he really means:
Green is the color of nature. The person who chooses a green car is conscientious. They tend to be the go-to person in tense situations because they know how to keep their emotions in balance.
A purple vehicle means you are creative, individualistic, original, and perhaps it does. It could also mean you're too old to care what anyone thinks of you.

What he really means:
This is the color of royalty. If you have found a purple car you are a cherished individual who loves beauty, but walks with strength and purpose.

A black vehicle says you are empowered, not easily manipulated, love elegance, and you appreciate the classics. It's also says that you are mysterious or that you have two sides to your personality; it's the favored car of both clergy and gangsters.
What he really means:A slick black car is the epitome of power and authority. Think CIA or Secret Service. If you have a black car, you are sending the message that you are in control and are self-assured.
A dark blue vehicle says you are credible, confident, dependable. And you drive too much because you always get stuck with the carpool.
What he really means:
If your car is dark blue you are likely a very loyal person. You value relationships over wealth and you are calm.
A gray vehicle says you are sober, corporate, practical. And boring. But if that gray car is charcoal with sparkles, you still have flashes of brilliance and charisma.
What he really means:
Although gray often represents the dreary and depressing in clothes, furniture and paint, that is not the case with your gray car. A gray car is a comfortable one. It represents stability and self-reliance.
 An orange vehicle says you are fun loving, talkative, fickle, trendy. A yellow-green one says you are trendy, whimsical, lively. And you know it's true. Only fun and whimsical cars come in these colors: Volkswagon bugs and little sportscars.
What he really means:
An orange vehicle is exceedingly hard to find. If you have an orange car you most likely crave attention. You are also generally a happy and upbeat person who enjoys being unique.  If you drive a yellow car you are confident. You like to have fun and you embrace the child within.

A tan vehicle means that you're timeless, basic, simple, but it also means you have something to hide. Maybe bad driving habits? Or that you never wash your car?

A gold vehicle says is that you love comfort and will pay for it; it also says that you're intelligent, and you must be - you were smart enough to come read my article!

What he really means:
A gold car represents wealth and pride. If you have a gold car, you likely want to be noticed. You want people to know you do not lack  financially and you are independent.

And a brown vehicle supposedly means you're down-to-earth but who are you trying to kid? If you really cared about the earth, you wouldn't have bought that big old gas-guzzler.

What he really means:
If you have a brown car that signifies that you are reliable. You are true to yourself and to those around you. You are earthy and don’t engage in “showboating.” You are approachable, responsible and worthy of friendship.

So what color of car do I drive? I'm sorry, but I don't know you well enough to answer such a personal question.

So he says, but I`ll tell you what color car I drive - black.  But my next car? I don't know... maybe a deep purple or deep blue or deep burgundy, or maybe a nice silver or ...  as long as it's not bright! I guess I'm getting too old...

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