Tuesday, September 21, 2010

✍ FYI: What You Say on the Internet Could Get You Sued!

For Your Information...

"You already know to be careful what you say on the Internet, because the words and pictures you post can get you into trouble with your boss, your peers, your school, or your parents. Did you know what you say could get you sued? According to the Los Angeles Times, more and more people are going online to complain about stores, restaurants, contractors, former bosses, their exes and public officials, but if the person you’re writing about feels hurt, defamed or threatened by your comments, they may feel like they have no choice but to sue.

Sandra Baron is the executive director of the Media Law Center in New York City. She says bloggers may have the right to say what they want online, but more and more courts are ruling that they can still be sued for their comments. Some postings have even led to criminal charges. For example, blogger Hal Turner posted a comment that three judges “deserved to be killed” for rejecting a challenge to Chicago’s handgun ban. What he thought was just political trash-talk got him charged with threatening the judges’ lives, and he now faces 10 years in prison. In Pennsylvania, a city official who also owns a car dealership successfully sued the people who posted anonymous comments calling him a jerk who pocketed taxpayer money and sold junky cars.

Eric Goldman teaches Internet Law, and he says most people have no idea the liability they face when they post something online, and are shocked to find out they can be sued for saying something like, “My dentist is a quack! I’m not sure he even went to dental school.” He says calling someone a “jerk” or a “buffoon” may be safe because it’s your opinion, but saying someone “pocketed taxpayer money” is a claim that they did something illegal. If it isn’t true, it could lead to a defamation claim. Think twice before you post critical comments online. Or your future Facebook updates could be coming from cellblock seven."

Resource: tesh.com

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