Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can You Swim?

So I went swimming the other day just to cool off since it's been so darn hot here in Canada for the past month or more and discovered I was totally out of shape! In my earlier years, I could have swam the length of the pool and back but now - I'd be lucky if I could do a few feet. And as for holding my breath under water - I use to be able to do that too for almost a minute or more... but now, well, let's just say I'd drown if held under any more than 15 secs.. god.
I need to get back into shape! Unfortunately, there are 2 things I most despise and that's exercise and diets so best of luck to me!
Another thing I've discovered while swimming is that a lot of people swim above water, you know, the breast-stroke style and as great a swimmer as I am (or used to be), I could not swim like that for any length of time. I've always swam under water (like the woman in the video above)... ALWAYS!
Anyways, I was happy to discover that I can still float so ALL is not loss! In case of a disaster, I'll just float my way to safety!!
So, how do you swim - above or below? Can you float? I thought everyone could float instinctivley, but as I've discovered once again on this swimming outing - not everyone can.

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