Monday, June 14, 2010

Holy Shit!

Holy Shit! I wonder how you say that in Russian.. or maybe French... no, wait - Dutch, or perhaps Italian... or German or..... (hmmmm ). Do you guys say holy shit also? I wonder.

Holy shit! There are so many god-damn blogs, bloggers, blogposts, wordpost/press.. whatever, that it's a miracle anyone will see this!


  1. Hi Kath.
    In Russian it would be : Святое дерьмо !In French they don't really say "Holy Shit" but they do say "Shit" - "Merde!".In Dutch they don't say "Holy Shit "but the expression excist "This is not shit" meaning this is difficult to do "Da's gene kak"!

  2. I'v been here last night!...

    Nice place ! Very good tast !...


    Welcome to the chat room!


    Notice: You have joined Lobby
    Guest_1: Halo!
    Guest_1: Anybody home?
    Guest_1: Hoo, Hoo !
    Guest_1: Nock, Nock ...
    Guest_1: Am i going to stay her all night long ? huh?!
    Guest_1: What is going on?
    Guest_1: Talk to me !
    Guest_1: I'm going to feed my cat!...
    Guest_1: Now I'm going to feed my dog ! ( with my cat!...)


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